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Sit back and relax while Shug handles the rest.

                                                                               Specialize in prepaing homemade meals

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Maria, known as (Shug)

Specialize in preparing homemade meals,

right in the comfort of your very own home!!....

 Shug's meal prep is focused on bringing families and friends back to the dinner table by offering friendly and affordable services,

 While being fully dedicated to providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  

So, whether it's a simple day and you're too tired to prepare a meal, have no desire to cook, lack cooking skills or just too busy .......... 


 Shug, Your Personal Cook - 

and your meal prep is on it's way. 

Either prepared in your very own kitchen or any desired location, as long as there's a cooking area Shug can help!...


Planning a birthday dinner, private party, a meeting or any kind of event? 

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 Shug Your Personal Cook!

Shug can even manage meals according to your personal diet needs 

- meals prepared to satisfy your taste buds and meet your dietary requirements.

Give me a call and let me take the stress out of your day by preparing meals for you. 

No more worrying about 

"Whats for dinner"!

So sit back, relax from a long day and get ready to enjoy a home cooked meal without having to do it yourself!....

Contact me if you have any questions!!...

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Business Goals.

SYPC is all about teaching the community about the values of friends and family. 

Right now the business is investing in getting a food truck. 

I would love for the food truck to be known in communities that take pride in giving back, by taking any of our leftovers and serving it to the homeless.

If it is fresh, then why waste it when one less person can be fed.....

So Simone and I will journey around giving to those who need it the most!!!...

"Giving back to communities"

"Everyone deserves a home cooked meal"


Booking Information 

-Booking fee is $30- nonrefundable so it's very important to keep your schedule date or request for date change. 

Booking covers one on one section or face-timing

 so that Shug Your Personal Cook can get to know your food preferences, menu selection, health concerns, diet restrictions and any additional information that help Shug create the menu plan tailored to your needs. 

Meals created by Shug comes with the recipe as well.

Thank you, in advance for your business!  

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About Shug

Maria Jefferson, known as (Shug) 

developed a passion for cooking at a very young age.

Shug cherishes the joy she bring to each of her customers because good food, brings joy, smiles and can temporarily relieve the stress of life.

Seeing peoples reactions and hearing their feedback

was one of Shug's motivations for starting 

Shug Your Personal Cook.

The nickname "Shug" came from her childhood

" Give me Shug"

which was something she would say as a little girl,

 when she wanted a kiss.

Just like there's a story behind Shug,

there's also one behind her meals.

for example;

Shug's delicious homemade gravy-

her adopted mother taught her how to make gravy

by encouraging her to stand in the kitchen to watch each detail

of preparing it.

 Explaining the do's and the don't do's

to something that seemed so simple,

but in fact can be prepared wrong

as Shug had to learn!


Now she's makes fantastic gravy

that's guaranteed to place a smile on each customer's face!

Words from Shug

"There's nothing like a home cooked meal"

 If you want something that's tasteful and soothing to the soul without having to do it yourself

Contact me today!