Shug Your Personal Cook

 Specialize in prepaing homemade meals

About Your Personal Cook

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born


developed a passion for cooking at a very young age.

But didn't know that would become a passion of hers till later on down the line. 

Maria was actually determined to succeed in the medical field...

She earned her degree in Home Health Care and started working her way up the ladder.

 Caring for others has always been a great passion of hers,whether it's feeding you a home cooked meal, to nurturing 

Shug simply just cherishes the joy she bring to individuals lives and we all know,

- Good food, brings smiles

Seeing people's reactions and hearing their feedback

was one of Shug's motivations for starting 

Shug Your Personal Cook.

Where Did The Nickname Shug Come from?

The name "Shug" is actually a childhood nickname 

" Give me Shug" 

Was something she would say as a little girl, when she wanted a kiss.

Words from Shug

"There's nothing like a home cooked meal"

 "If you want something that's tasteful and soothing to the soul without having to do it yourself

why haven't you called"

Business Goals

For over a year now, Shug has been dedicated to helping the homeless by providing healthy snacks, shoes, clothes, hygiene bags and more... 

So right now the business is focusing on buying a food truck to not only better serve you but to also pass out leftovers to the homeless.

Shug would love for her food truck to be known in communities that take pride in helping the homeless.

To learn more information on how you can help shug continue her journey towards helping the homeless visit her facebook page.

"Giving back to communities"

"Everyone deserves a home cooked meal"