Shug Your Personal Cook

 Specialize in prepaing homemade meals

Customer Testimonials

Some of the best food I've had...

Plus it's one of a kind, I can't compare it to anyone else's cooking

Noel P.

Your food presentations are awesome... 

I love a different spin on food.

Thanks for providing us with different recipes... 

Kamie Danielle

She has excellent taste, great combinations and very professional... I highly recommend Shug

Tombura Jones

This young lady can cook very well...

Cassandra Thomas 

Thank you for having me over. Shug's tropical surprise was fantastic. My taste buds simply open up to the different flavors in the food.. This was a wonderful experience.Thanks again for your hospitality and good luck on you endeavor   

Cecilia F. 

I congratulate you on this business.. May God continue to bless you...Keep posting all them great meals!

Shilo Knotts

I had lunch by Shug twice this week and it was absolutely wonderful each time!

Richard Pradervand

Maria, wish you were in Chicago. The presentation is awesome!

Louis Waters

Oh boyyy...

I tried the cajun alfredo crab boil bag ..... I must say, I've never had anything like it... flavorful and very delicious.

I highly.. highly recommend others to try it

John R.

I Love seeing the items prepared ...You do such an awesome job...Awesome talent 

Bonita Howland

Congrats on your article in the VoyageHouston Magazine!!...


I've been doing my weekly meal prep with Shug for over 2 months now and I love the food. I'm very questionable about who's preparing my food, it's very comforting knowing she's the only one prepping and cooking my meals

Kim A.

The food is amazing and I love the fact that I can customize my own menu 


You can tell she takes a lot of pride in the food she prepares....

the gumbo looks devine. 

Major Banks III

Honestly... her food presentation speaks for itself.

Alex G.

I've been using Maria's service every since she opened in Arkansas years ago and when she moved I was devastated lol I love her food and her professionalism  

Amanda Renee